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Dr.Han's Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in focused providing professional high-quality service. We will do everything to meet the patient's needs and satisfaction. Dr. Han was born in a traditional Chinese medical family. His father, mother and brother , are all famous doctors in China. He graduated in Tian Jin Traditional Medical University in China. In 1976, he has being Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in a hospital. Later, he transferred to the Acupuncture Department in Tian Jin Traditional Chinese Medical University to teach students and work at the clinic.   

In 1993, he was appointed vice director of clinical teaching and researching office in the Acupuncture department. In 1996, he was Vice Director Doctor (associate professor with a tenure at Tian Jin University) During 1993-1996, Dr. Han became author and co-author and published seven kinds of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage books. In 1997, he came to Arizona and has still been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Dr. Han has over 30 years of clinical experience. He is very knowledgeable, skilled and an honest doctor.

Treatment Preferences:

    Auricular Acupuncture

    Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

    Treatment Techniques

    Electro acupuncture



    Gua Sha




    Qi Gong


    Price: $30-120 each visit




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